A variety of equipment is available for determining asphalt binder content by extraction.  The asphalt centrifuge extractor determines the quantity of bitumen content in paving mixtures. All motorized units have accurate, dependable electronic solid state speed control—rotation speed adjusts up and down. Explosion proof motorized units offer the same features along with greater safety.  The reflux extractor determines the percentage of bitumen in a paving mixture using hot solvent extraction. Available in 1000g and 2000g versions. The Excel Clean HD is a cost effective, biodegradable, citrus based solvent and provides excellent performance. Also, known as a great replacement for trichloroethylene and other chemical solvents. In addition, it’s used with both vacuum and centrifuge extraction equipment.  The vacuum extractor with tank consists of an aluminum 5-gallon combination vacuum and storage tank with sight gauges. Instead of a solvent collection tank, the vacuum extractor without tank uses a vacuum filter flask.

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