Direct Shear

The direct shear machines use pneumatic pressure for accurate application of sensitive confining loads.  The direct shear test determines resistance to lateral shear forces applied to a soil specimen. The dead weight machine uses a 10:1 beam with loading device to confining pressures. A load cell with digital readout displays shear force and analog dial indicators measure vertical shear displacement.  A stepper motor drive controls the strain rate within 1% and easily adjusts using a digital thumb wheel control. The large shear machine measures the total resistance to shear of large 12″ square soil samples.  The machine uses the CONBEL® system for loading the samples.  The soil specimens mount in a two piece shear ring assembly, divided in half horizontally.  The bottom half holds securely in place and a vertical confining force is applied.  In addition, horizontal force directs against the upper half of the ring to shear the specimen.

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