Core Drilling-Sawing

Core drilling-sawing equipment includes the core drill rig, saw package, and bits. As well as a clamp, retrieval tongs and the CoreSnap.  The core clamp bolts onto the moving table of any masonry or block saw utilizing a 16″ blade.  The unit has a powder coated finish and an adjustable opening that allows precise placement of the core. Core bits come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″ diameter and 14″ long.  Custom sizes are also available upon request.  The fast and easy to use patented core retrieval tongs remove cores from asphalt or concrete surfaces.  The blade is inserted into space from core drill bit and grasps the core with its tongs.  The CoreSnap provides removal of a drilled sample from a roadbed at or below the tackline without prying or drilling completely through the old roadbed.

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