Masonry Testing

Masonry testing equipment includes grout sample boxes, block caps, sample pads, retainer rings, and more.  All used to test compressive strength of grout.  The grout sample box meets ASTM C1019-09 which covers procedures for both field and lab sampling and compression testing of grout used in masonry construction.  The box is divided into 4 sections and yields consistent, identical prism samples.  It has slotted corrugation that retains moisture, while closely simulating Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) absorption rates.  A different method of testing grout is the prism liner, which also conforms to ASTM standard.  The liner utilizes a thin corrugated paper that allows moisture to pass through to the block.  The grout prism spacer is durable, reusable and easy to clean.  It keeps the grout prism liner square and properly aligned while assembling the block mold.

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