Pressure Air Meters

Concrete Pressure Air Meters

Concrete pressure air meters measure the entrained air in normal weight fresh mixed concrete.  The kits come complete with the meter, carrying case, bulb syringe, tamping rod, strike off bar, rubber mallet, calibration vessel, inside/outside calibration tubes, and certificate of calibration.

The AR-B concrete air meter is one of the most precise measuring devices available.  Due to large stainless steel clamp levers, the concrete air meter has a holding capacity of 2,500 lbs.  In addition, the clamping system provides an easy, dependable operation. The concrete air meters have an easy to use and easy to read gauge with calibration adjustments. In addition, the meter’s brass pump builds test pressure faster, using fewer strokes.

The super air meter takes the standard pressure meter to another level. The Super Concrete Air Meter measures both the air void spacing and air volume of fresh concrete.  The super air meter uses two sequential pressurizations to test the concrete air content.  The air meter investigates the deformation of the concrete at 14.5, 30, and 45 psi.  It then releases the pressure to perform the same deformation steps for a second time.  The differences between the first and second pressure steps are used to calculate the SAM number, which is correlated with the average spacing between air voids in the concrete mixture. As a result, the SAM number can be used to determine freeze-thaw according to ACI 201 Concrete Durability Committee.

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