The CoreDry® provides an automatic system for rapid drying of compacted laboratory and field asphalt samples. It removes moisture from asphalt cores in a fraction of the time of ovens or fans. The unit’s vacuum technology does not affect or harm the integrity of the samples. Ensuring the most accurate and repeatable density results. Results calculate in minutes, utilizing an accurate dry sample weight. A core sample and density taken from the field calculates measurements in less than 20 minutes. This saves time and provides the best quality control. Moisture loss in the sample bases off of a vacuum and innovative electronic desiccation technology. The CoreDry® cycles a flow of air and vacuum within a highly efficient moisture removal process. The system also contains an integrated electronic moisture trap to capture the moisture being removed from the sample. In addition, the CoreDry® recognizes as one of the first products of its kind. As well as, one of the first for its rapid drying of compacted and loose asphalt mixtures.

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