Asphalt Analyzer GTR Model

Asphalt Analyzer GTR Model


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Asphalt Analyzer GTR Model

The Asphalt Analyzer GTR Model used for the extraction and determination of binder content in rubber modified bituminous mixtures in use with non-flammable solvent (Trichloroethylene).  Its patented decantation system removes non-dissolved ground tire rubber particles within an asphalt mixture.  Non-dissolved particles separate from asphalt material. Particles float up inside the special collection tray.


  • PC Touchscreen controlled extraction and distillation
  • Washed and dried in washing chamber
  • Minus P200 filler material separates and dries in built-in centrifuge
  • Binder and solvent distilled and partially recovered
  • Non-rubber modified mixture runs through a separate washing chamber

Technical data: 

  • Dimensions: 1255 x 960 x 1785 mm.
  • Electrical Requirements:  400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 P+N+PE, 8,5 kW.   (Custom transformer provided for 208V/230V/240V/480V)
  • Compressed air supply 3-6 bar necessary
  • Cooling water supply required
  • Solvent type: Trichloroethylene (20l/5gal. required to fill the unit)

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