Filterless Centrifuge Extractor



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Filterless Centrifuge Extractor

The continuous-flow filterless centrifuge extractor offers a simple, accurate way to recover mineral filler fines from nonflammable solvents in asphalt mix extraction tests without using a filter. Solvent suspension goes through the included top funnel into an aluminum beaker, rotating at 11,000 RPM.  Under high centrifugal force, the liquid moves up the beaker wall and out through the overflow tubing, while solids remain for easy removal.

No. 18 (1mm) and No. 200 (75μm) stainless steel full-height sieves are included for fitting to the top of the inlet funnel if desired. A No. 230 (63μm) sieve may be substituted for the No. 200. When using the sieves, the extraction process can be run by pre-dissolving the mix sample with solvent, then pouring into the sieves.

A sturdy cast aluminum housing holds the rotating spindle and electric motor of the centrifuge.  Additionally, each unit comes complete with two aluminum beakers.


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