Concrete Testing Equipment

Concrete Testing Equipment – Myers offers an extensive list of quality concrete testing equipment that meet many industry standards.  We have concrete air meters and roller meters for testing air content.  Myers also supplies cylinder molds and compression machines for testing strength.

In addition, there is a variety of non-destructive strength testing equipment, including the Windsor Probe, rebar locators, crack monitors.  Slump testing equipment includes both metal and plastic slump cones and kits.

In addition, Myers has equipment for concrete moisture testing.  To test for precipitation in concrete use the Rapid RH sensors, Vapor Emission Testing Kits, and moisture meters.

For concrete curing there is an array of curing boxes and all the equipment to set up your curing lab, including the moisture room control system, spray heads, recording thermometers, and tank heaters.

Myers also has any concrete testing accessory you need.  From thermometers and penetrometers to measuring devices and scoops.

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