CBR Testing

The California Bearing Ratio or CBR testing yields relative strength of laboratory compacted or in-situ soils and base coarse materials.  The test penetrates resistance of a soil to a standard sized piston. CBR testing equipment includes load frames, filter paper, molds, spacer discs, surcharge weights and more.  The manual CBR load frame uses a two-position mechanical jack to provide steady test speeds. As well as rapid travel of the platen for positioning of the sample. The Versa-Loader load frame performs compaction, CBR, unconfined compression, triaxial, and soil strength tests.  The unit’s push button control operates up, down, and stop functions with ease, while a second knob adjusts speed.  The multi-function load frame performs CBR, UC, UU and Marshall testing.  The frame uses a 3/4 hp dc drive motor and controller.  Its adjustable speed range maintains speed regulation withing 1%.

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