Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps pump oil during rice testing. The HyVac1 pump operates for continuous use.  It is a two-stage belt-driven pump that operates on the oil-sealed rotary vane principle.  It is ideal for distillation, filtration, degassing and as a roughing pump for high-vacuum systems.  The Robinair pump provides powerful, quiet high vacuum capability. It ensures moisture removal while the high pumping capacity reduces evacuation time.  The pump’s intake filter prevents foreign matter from entering the pump chamber. While an internal exhaust filter separates oil vapor from the exhaust flow.  The oilless vacuum pumps are available in small and large sizes.  The small oilless pump pulls down to 7.5mm of vacuum at a rate of 45 liters/minute.  The large pump pulls down to a 9mm vacuum at a rate of 99 liters/minute.

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