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Quality Construction Materials Testing Equipment Since 1994

Myers Associates, Inc. has been providing quality construction materials testing equipment throughout the United States since 1994. We sell testing equipment for concrete, cement, aggregate, asphalt and soils. We offer you the opportunity to make one call to find the equipment you want at the right price. Count on Myers for all of your construction testing equipment needs.

Concrete Testing

Myers offers an extensive list of quality construction materials testing equipment including products for concrete testing that meet many industry standards.  There are concrete air meters and roller meters for testing air content; and cylinder molds and compression machines for testing strength.  There is also a variety of non-destructive strength testing equipment, such as rebar locators and the Windsor Probe System.  In addition, there is an array of moisture testing products, including Rapid RH sensors, vapor emission test kits, and moisture meters.  Finally, everything you need to set up your curing lab, including the moisture room control system, spray heads, recording thermometers, and tank heaters.

Aggregate Testing

Myers has top of the line sieve and screen shakers along with brass steel sieves. The Test-Master® screen shaker features an easily controlled, integrated hopper for easier introduction of sample material.  Other particle sizing equipment includes the universal and riffle sample splitters. Myers also provides all components for testing sand equivalency, including the sand equivalent stock solution. If durability and abrasion is what you are looking for, you will find it here.  Another aggregate tester is the Los Angeles Abrasion Machine determines the resistance to abrasion in crushed rock, slag, and crushed and uncrushed gravel.

Asphalt Testing

Myers carries Instrotek’s asphalt testing machines including the CoreDry®, CoreLok®, and SmarTracker™.  The CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of compacted laboratory or field asphalt samples.  It also includes the PumpSaver™ which removes moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump.  The Corelok is a non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA) and coarse mix asphalt air voids.  It also performs bulk, maximum and aggregate specific gravity tests.  The SmarTracker hamburg machine features an innovative water circulation system and two tank design that allows for one sample to be submerged in water while the other sample stays dry.

Soils Lab Testing and Soils Field Testing

Myers offers an assortment of soil testing in the field.  For compaction and density applications we offer top of the line nuclear gauges, sand cones, and density drive samplers.  Shelby tube samplers extract a relatively undisturbed soil sample for use in lab tests to determine density, permeability, compressibility and strength.  The high-tech soil resistance meter in analog and digital readabilities determines soil resistance values with ease.

In addition to field testing, Myers has a collection of laboratory soil testing equipment, including soil compactors, hammer and molds, liquid limit or Atterberg tests in accordance with ASTM specifications.  There are also top of the line load frames for testing triaxial, permeability, CBR, consolidation, and direct shear.  We also provide mold sets and vibrating tables to test for relative density of soils.  If hydrometer testing equipment is what you are looking for, we have hydrometers, hydrometer jars, the soil dispersion mixer, sodium hexametaphospate and the jar bath.

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