Binder Glassware Washing Machine

Binder Glassware Washing Machine


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Binder Glassware Washing Machine

The binder glassware washing machine used to clean bitumen stained containers, and glass flasks with a trichloroethylene solvent in a closed cycle system. The machine features a stainless steel washing chamber, an indirect heating system and a spray nozzle. With variable washing cycles, the computer controls all of the washing and drying. A typical runtime is 45-65 minutes with no additional drying time needed. Solvent inside the washing process get distilled and reused after completion.

The unit includes inserts for:

  • 6 RTFOT bottles
  • 6 Round bottom flask
  • Smaller accessories: Ductility Molds, PAV Trays, BBR molds
  • Fits some viscosity tube sizes
  • Unit Dimensions: 1000x750x1300 mm.

Electrical Requirements: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 P+N+PE, 6 kW

(custom transformer included to convert to 208V/230 V /240V

Cooling water connection requirements:

  • Cooling Water Temperature: 15 – 20°C
  • Water Quantity: 5 – 8 l/min, at a pressure of 3 – 6 bar

Solvent Type: Trichloroethylene  (20l/5gal. required to fill the unit )

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