Pavement Quality Testing

Pavement quality testing equipment includes lab and field permeameters, the asphalt depth gauge, and highway straightedges. As well as asphalt sample boxes, the pavement quality indicator, and the benkelman beam. Asphalt permeameters test the permeability of a compacted asphalt paving mixture. A falling head method determines hydraulic conductivity of saturated 4″ or 6″ samples. The asphalt depth gauge makes accurate thickness determinations quickly and easily. Make depth measurements up to 11.75″ in 0.25″ increments from back of the paver. As well as curbside with no need to step directly on hot asphalt. The highway straightedge checks depressions in asphalt pavement. The pavement quality indicator produces fast, accurate and repeatable in-place density and temperature measurements of asphalt pavement.  Instantaneous density and temperature readings help field personnel to establish more effective roller patterns. In addition it ensures pavement densities are within targeted range.

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