Concrete Test Kits

The concrete test kits include all items needed for routine fresh concrete testing.  The test kits include concrete pressure air meter kit, scale, slump cone, slump cone base, slump cone funnel, cylinder molds, and thermometer.  The complete version of the test kit includes the unit weight bucket.  The kits come with either 6″ x 12″ or 4″ x 8″ cylinders.

The concrete pressure air meter measures entrained air in fresh concrete.  The meter has an easy to use and easy to read gauge with calibration adjustments.  In addition, the meter’s brass pump builds test pressure faster, using fewer strokes.

The seamless metal concrete slump cone provides a stronger, more durable product that cleans easily. The cone has an 8″ open base, 4″ top and an overall height of 12″

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