Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing examines the quality of concrete and other materials such as rock, wood and ceramics.  The Pundit PL-200 comes equipped with an extended range of measurement modes and superior features for on-site testing.  The software supports directly accessible settings in real-time from the measuring screen.  The Pundit PL-200PE employs state of the art pulse echo technology. It extends the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side.  Pulse echo determines the slab thickness and localizes subsurface deformities. Deformities such as voids, pipes, delaminations and honeycombing.  The Pundit Lab features online data acquisition, waveform analysis and full remote control of all transmission parameters.  Along with the traditional transit time and pulse velocity measurement, the Pundit Lab offers path length measurement. As well as perpendicular crack depth measurement, and surface velocity measurement.

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