Binder Testing

Asphalt binder testing ensures proper mix design and hot mix asphalt production.  In a binder ignition test, as asphalt burns the temperature rises substantially above setpoint. As well as temperature peaks, and gradually returns to setpoint as burnoff nears completion. The binder ignition system has a user programmed furnace that remains locked for a designated time. And unlocks after return of temperature to setpoint. This time delay, bases off of a users experience with sample types and/or specification requirements. When trying to determine the time delay for a new sample type, return the sample to the furnace. Leave the sample in the furnace for 5 to 10 minute or until completion.  Binder testing melting pots come in 4qt or 10qt (3.8L or 9.5L) capacities. A heavy pipe single-column support mounts easily to a bench top.  Height and angle quickly adjust with set screws on the sliding boss attached to the column. Universal penetrometers have a direct-reading instrument for precision penetration measurements of bituminous materials and cement. Each unit has a 5″ diameter indicator dial, graduated in 400 divisions of 0.1mm. In addition, it corresponds to 40mm penetration. The unit presets to zero to eliminate errors.

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