Soil Compaction

Compaction equipment includes products for proctor compaction tests that determine soil moisture density relationships.  The compaction equipment includes:


  • Compaction Hammers:  The soil compaction hammers feature sliding drop mechanisms to assist in proctor testing.  They come in 5.5lb and 10lb weights with a drop of 12″ and a 2″ face.  Additionally, the hammers feature guide sleeves with four vent holds in each end to release built up air pressure.
  • Proctor Molds:  The cold-rolled steel molds come in a variety of different types and sizes depending on what you need for your test.  The standard and modified compaction molds come in either 4″ or 6″ diameters with detachable collars.  The split molds also feature 4″ and 6″ sizes, but have a vertical split in their body with 2 quick acting clamps for easy sample removal.  The LBR mold comes in a 6″ diameter with a volume of 1/13.33 ft³.  The mold features a collar extension and solid base plate that clamps on either end of the cylinder.

ASTM D1557, D1558, D558, D698, D559/559M, D560/560M, AASHTO T134, T135, 136, T180, T220, T99, CTM 216

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