Asphalt Analyzer PC Model

Asphalt Analyzer PC Model


ASTM D2172; EN 12697-1

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Asphalt Analyzer PC Model

The Asphalt Analyzer PC model has an original patented automatic binder extraction system. The system works for hot mix asphalt automatic closed-loop extraction. Use of the machine works for separation and extraction of binder, filler, and aggregates from asphalt samples.

Bituminous materials (up to 3.5kg) weigh into a sieve drum. In the washing chamber material sits for automatic washing. A sieve drum washes out and separates minerals such as binder, solvents and fillers. A centrifuge cup retains filler. Binder and solvent remain in the connected recovery still by distillation. Minerals and fillers get automatically dried after being washed out. A sieve analysis continues once the program has been completed.


  • Maximum Sample Weight:  3.5kg
  • Centrifuge Rotation Speed:  7,800 RPM
  • Maximum Filler Capacity:  Approx. 300 g
  • Extraction Time:  Approx. 45 min (including drying time)
  • Solvent per Extraction”  Approx. 5 liters
  • Power Rating:  6kW (excluding cooling system)
  • Overall Dimensions:  1260mm W x 750mm D x 1370mm H
  • Weight:  250kg

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