Mix Testing

Mix testing equipment includes the quartermaster sampler splitter and a variety of heavy duty lab mixers. A splitter divides the larger asphalt mix samples required in Superpave specifications. The hopper accepts samples up to 120lb of any mix with aggregate between 9.5 to 37.5mm. In addition, it quarters the samples into four equal parts. In operation, a simple throw of a lever divides the sample. Using this device ensures greater control, consistency and uniformity in the preparation of test samples.  The 5-gallon stationary mixer works well for sample batch mixing in either laboratory or field. A separate utility bucket cradles securely inside the enameled-steel mixer frame. The heavy duty portable asphalt mixers come equipped with 8″ wheels for maximum mobility. A direct drive motor helps generate more power for mixing. In addition, the heavy duty laboratory mixer has a 5qt capacity and a 1/6hp motor. As well as a selectable operating speeds of 139, 285 and 591rpm.

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