Our thermometers read temperatures, feature USB data logging, chart recording and more. Available thermometers include:

Data Loggers:  Data loggers assist in measuring temperatures in soils, ovens, cuvets, water baths, chemical solutions and extremely cold conditions.  The Chart Recording Thermometer features a micro-controller design and remote readings from up to 100 ft.  The USB Data Logger features a waterproof type k probe and is perfect for curing tanks and curing rooms.

Dial/Digital:  Dial face thermometers feature a round face design and come in a variety of temperature ranges.  In contrast, the digital thermometers vary in design and range.  The Water Resistant Min-Max thermometer is the most popular of the digitals.  It records high and low temperature and is IP65 water resistant.

Digital Infrared Guns:  The infrared thermometers feature measurement ratios of 6:1, 11:1, 12:1, 30:1 and 50:1.  Many of the infrared guns also include a “K” port to attach a type k probe, like the IRT850K Gun.

Environmental Quality Control:  These meters work great in curing rooms.  The popular Digital Psychrometer provides fast and accurate measurements and can also be re-calibrated.  The WBGT Heat Stress Meter quickly and easily determines the heat stress index.  Additionally, it streams its recordings directly to your computer in real-time.

Mercury and Spirit Filled:  Mercury thermometers, like the Glass ASTM and Min-Max provide accurate readings, but are slowly being banned in individual states.  Check the laws in your area before ordering.  The spirit-filled thermometers are a great alternative and provide the same accurate results.  The Glass Spirit-Filled works well with any lab or bench oven.  It also includes a metal sleeved case.

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