Vacuum pycnometers work with rice testing to determine the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures. In addition, it determines maximum aggregate size up to 3/4″.  Available in 2,000g and 6,000g capacities.  The vibrating table will accept the standard vacuum pycnometer (2,000g). As well as a 4,000ml heavy wall filter flask without any optional flask holders. The heavy duty vibrating de-airing agitator keeps sample material loose for more reliable test results.  The unit features strong, rugged vibrators and sturdy bases having integral on/off switches.  The vacuum saturation canister conditions specimens before testing. Its acrylic lid has ports for a vacuum pump and manometers. With the vacuum level adjusting valve the vacuum adjusts to 30mm on sample. It is installed in the vacuum line between the vacuum container and vacuum measuring device.

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