Asphalt Testing Equipment

Myers offers a wide range of quality asphalt testing equipment that meet many industry standards.  We sell Instrotek’s asphalt testing machines including the CoreDry®, CoreLok®, and SmarTracker™.  The CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of compacted laboratory or field asphalt samples.  It includes the PumpSaver™ which removes moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump.

The Corelok is a non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA) and coarse mix asphalt air voids.  It also performs bulk, maximum and aggregate specific gravity tests.  The SmarTracker hamburg machine features an innovative water circulation system and two tank design that allows for one sample to be submerged in water while the other sample stays dry.  We have an extensive list of Marshall Equipment that include compactors, compaction molds and load frames.  In addition, we provide drill rigs, drill bits and saws for asphalt cores.  If rice testing products are what you’re after, look no further.  Myers supplies all the items you need for rice testing including, vacuum pycnometers and pumps, lab lease paper, and manometers.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am interested in purchasing some steel beam molds.
    What is the difference between the steel beam molds and the heavy duty mold?
    Which is more user friendly??

    Also, do you guys ship to Australia??


  2. Hey, Jack-

    Thank you for reaching out. The regular steel beam molds, ACM-4B, are much lighter and screw together with wingnuts and a handle. The heavy duty beam molds are much heavier and require a little more effort to take apart. At the time being we are not shipping out of the United States, however.

  3. Hello ,

    I found your products on the web. I am looking for a manufacturer of fireproofing depth gauge.
    What is the minimum quantity for having our company information printed on the reverse please.
    Please send us a quotation.

    Best regards

    Frédérique van Nes
    Nestaan NV