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Air Meter Refurbishing

Concrete Air Meter Refurbishing

Concrete Air Meter Refurbishing

For just $99.95 plus parts and shipping you can get your used concrete air meters refurbished and recalibrated to like-new condition.

Important Shipping Information

    • Please ship just your meter only, packed in either its case or a box
    • We recommend taking the gauge off and packing with extra care to prevent damage
  • Please consider shipping your meters GROUND.  All New England States, parts of NY and NJ are 1 day points to us.  Most other states are 2-3 day points.  It will save you in freight charges by shipping ground.

Ship to Address:

Myers Associates, Inc.
21 Washington Avenue
Scarborough, ME

Concrete Air Meters                           Concrete Air Meter Replacement Parts
Concrete Air Meter Refurbishing                                 Concrete Air Meter Refurbishing

Training Courses

21 Washington Ave,
Scarborough, ME 04074

Mon - Thurs: 8 am - 5 pm
Fri: 8 am - 4 pm

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