Direct Shear Machine

Direct Shear Machine



ASTM D3080 and AASHTO T236

Direct Shear Machine

The direct shear machine is a tabletop unit that uses the CONBEL® loading system. It applies vertical confining pressures to the soil specimens. Confining loads applied pneumatically using a small, rolling diaphragm piston for light loads of 4 – 100lbf. A larger diameter piston for loads up to 1,500lbf. The design increases the sensitivity and accuracy of the light load system. Loading controlled using the precision regulator with an included calibration chart. Load settings displayed digitally and are accurate to ±0.25%.

The digital unit includes a load cell with digital readout for shear load measurement. Consolidation and shear displacement measured with horizontal and vertical displacement transducers instead of dial indicators. An RS-232 data output transfers data to the user’s PC in ASCII format. The unit requires 90psi user supplied compressed air source.

Also available for purchase, the standard and digital 220V/60Hz Direct Shear Machine. Please call for pricing. 

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