Dead Weight Direct Shear Machine

Dead Weight Direct Shear Machine

ASTM D3080 and AASHTO T236


Part: 2050

Dead Weight Direct Shear Machine

The dead weight direct shear machine uses a 10:1 beam loading device to control confining pressures.  A load cell with digital readout displays shear force and analog dial indicators measure vertical shear displacement.  In addition, a stepper motor drive controls the strain rate within 1% and is easily adjustable using digital thumb wheel controls.  The unit includes a 2.5″ diameter stainless steel shear ring, porous stones, drainage plates and loading block. The unit also includes a Teflon coated anodized aluminum water chamber.


  • The strain rate sets from 0.0001 – 0.3 in/min
  • Maximum shear displacement is 0.8 inches
  • Set travel with limit switches
  • Vertical load capacity is 1,411 lb
  • Maximum horizontal shear force is 1,500lbf
  • Options for data collection on a PC


  • Machine
  • 1,500lbf load cell
  • Weight hanger
  • Dial indicator – 0.5 x .0001in (Range x Divisions)
  • Dial Indicator – 1 x 0.001in (Range x Divisions)
  • four channel digital readout
  • (2) 1″ LVDT displacement transducers
  • Software


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