Automatic Cylinder End Grinder

Automatic Cylinder End Grinder


Meets ASTM C31, C39, C42, C192, C617


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Automatic Cylinder End Grinder

The automatic cylinder end grinder provides fast grinding of cylinder specimen ends to obtain plane and parallel surfaces.  The machine has selectable advance grinding time functionality by user from 50 to 400 seconds.  Optimum grinding time per end of all type specimens is 90 to 120 seconds.

The specimen cradle features automatic bidirectional radial displacement ability.  The safe and ergonomic design prevents exposure to water and dust.  It also provides easy access to the water inlet and outlet.

Three concrete cylinder specimen of 1.5 to 4 inches or two specimen of 6 inches can fit in the machine at one time.  Three concrete cubes of 4 inches or one cube of 6 inches can be ground simultaneously with the suitable cradle and water restraint panel.  The length of the specimens must be longer than 2.75 inches.

The automatic cylinder end grinder features bottom wheels for ease of mobility.  Additionally, its aluminum frame provides a lighter weight and the stainless steel exterior shell assures corrosion resistance.

Machine comes complete with:

  • Grinding wheel
  • Specimen cradles
  • Water restraint panel set

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