Xplorer 2 Nuclear Gauge

AASHTO T-310, ASTM D6938, C1040, D2950, D7759 and D7013

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Part: 105.2122

Xplorer 2 Nuclear Gauge

The Xplorer 2 Nuclear Gauge (Model 3500) has new advanced features that save time and reduce maintenance issues.  The nuclear gauge insures superior field performance.  Its machined aluminum base precisely fits its durable polycarbonate shell and electrical components.  The new large backlit LCD and keypad makes reading test results easy at night or in direct sunlight.

The nuclear gauge features integrated GPS that reports the locations of each test.  It also features Bluetooth® capability to allow easy data transfer to any Android® smartphone or tablet.  The reporting software built into the new X2 Mobile App can send all test results via email with just a few clicks.

The 3500 Xplorer 2 also comes with an industry first 3-Year Warranty, free first calibration and low cost replacement parts to keep ownership costs down saving you thousands over the life of the gauge.

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