MC3 Elite™ Nuclear Gauge

MC3 Elite™ Nuclear Gauge

ASTM C1040, D2950, D6938, D7013, D7759; AASHTO T310

The MC3 Elite nuclear gauge is the newest and most advanced nuclear gauge from Instrotek, Inc.

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MC3 Elite Nuclear Gauge

The MC3 Elite nuclear gauge is the newest and most advanced nuclear gauge from Instrotek, Inc.  The upgrades on the MC3 include:  a simple operator interface, large backlit LCD display, illuminated keypad, precision machined base as well as surface mount electronic technology.  Additionally, built to withstand the toughest construction and testing environments, derived from over 40 years of field experience.

The MC3 Elite has practical and easy to use functions.  For example, the new keypad/display allows technicians easy navigation through all menu items.  Also, the new illuminated display provides data to be read from a standing position, regardless of the time of day.

All test data collected can be easily downloaded to a computer, printer, or USB drive through the Elite’s new USB port.  Furthermore, its gauge can store data for up to 10 projects with each project containing up to 40 test shots.  The MC3 Elite also comes equipped with a non-contact magnetic depth strip and state of the art moisture resistant electronics.


  • Backlit 4×20 LCD Display with 9mm Characters for maximum visibility
  • Lightest nuclear moisture density gauge in the market
  • User friendly software
  • Precision machined base and components
  • High reliability, updated and improved electronic design
  • Illuminated keypad for night use
  • USB flash drive storage for cable-free data download
  • Superior, durable poly carbonate topshell design
  • Industry’s best warranty

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