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SmartPanel Upgrade

Part: N/A
299.1000 SmartPanel Upgrade - smartpanel-upgrade SmartPanel Upgrade
906.1081 SmartPanel Upgrade - smartpanel-attachment-screw-2-needed-per-panel SmartPanel Attachment Screw (2 needed per panel)

SmartPanel Upgrade

The SmartPanel upgrade can update 3411 gauges at a fraction of the price of a new gauge.  The old front panel features the options to easily remove and replaced with the simple and functional SmartPanel.  Upgraded features include RS232 communication, backlight for night use, self-test features and many more.  The SmartPanel is also more reliable and less expensive than replacing old circuit boards.


  • Drop-in replacement
  • 2 line easy to read display
  • LCD backlight feature for night work
  • Built-in Stat and Drift test routines
  • All functions performed by membrane switches on keypad
  • RS232 communication
  • Moisture, density and trench offset features
  • Auto-scroll feature for hands-off recording of data
  • Intelligent charging control features to preserve battery life
  • 90 Day Warranty