Vacuum Pycnometer

ASTM D2041; AASHTO T209, T283

Part: N/A
HM-402 Vacuum Pycnometer - vacuum-pycnometer-2000g Vacuum Pycnometer 2,000g
HM-402-1 Vacuum Pycnometer - vacuum-pycnometer-2000g-without-metal-calibration-lid Vacuum Pycnometer 2,000g (Without Metal Calibration Lid)
HM-412 Vacuum Pycnometer - vacuum-pycnometer-4000g Vacuum Pycnometer 4,000g
HM-412-1 Vacuum Pycnometer - vacuum-pycnometer-4000g-without-metal-calibration-lid Vacuum Pycnometer 4,000g (Without Metal Calibration Lid)

Vacuum Pycnometer

The vacuum pycnometer used for rice testing. Determines the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 3/4”.  Featuring a 2000g capacity aluminum canister 7.5” dia. x 6” deep. In addition an extra-thick acrylic lid for viewing the sample during testing.  The acrylic lid has two 1/4” hose connection ports. One for the vacuum source and the other offset through the lid for the vacuum measuring device.  The HM-402 comes complete with canister, acrylic lid, metal calibration lid & vacuum tubing. The HM-402-1 pycnometer comes with the canister, vacuum tubing and acrylic lid only. 

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