Automatic Soil Compactor

ASTM D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557; AASHTO T99, T134, T135, T180

Part: N/A

Automatic Soil Compactor

The automatic soil compactor easily compacts and rotates the mold after each blow, while also keeping track of the number of hammer blows. The compactor automatically shuts off its reached preset number.  The machine’s start/stop function is independent of the counter.  In addition, the unit performs standard or modified compaction tests using a 5.5lb hammer with 12″ drop height or a 10lb hammer with 18″ drop height.  The hammer lift compensates the height of the drop for soil thickness in the mold during compaction. The hammer weight is concentrated at the foot, allowing free fall of the hammer.  Changes that need to be made to the hammer changes are done from the front of the compactor.


  • Auto Compactor
  • Round Compaction Hammer
  • Pie-Shaped Hammer
  • Hammer Surcharge Weight (to convert hammers to 10lb)
  • Hammer Safety Device
  • 4″ Mold
  • 6″ Mold
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty (from time of purchase)

Replacement Hammers

Part# Description
M 415 Old Style Round Hammer S/N Starts M100-1
M 416 Old Style Pie Hammer S/N Starts M100-1
M 2415 New Style Round Hammer S/N Starts M100-2
M 2416 New Style Pie Hammer S/N Start M100-2

When ordering a replacement hammer, please specify serial # of your compactor so that we may verify what style hammer you need.  For more replacement parts, please inquire at 888.293.2121 or

Data Sheet

Automatic Soil Compactor Manual

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