The CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of compacted laboratory and field asphalt samples. Used to remove moisture from asphalt cores in a fraction of the time of ovens or fans.

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The CoreDryPRO provides next level asphalt core drying with features like a large color touchscreen display, a Drying Progress Bar, and a vacuum level indicator.  The unit comes equipped with highly sophisticated electronics and a modern designed cabinet.  It also features a flexible vacuum pump with an external port for connecting to other lab applications such as the Max Specific Gravity (Rice Test).

The CoreDryPRO™ retains key features that made its previous model the industry standard for rapid drying asphalt samples.

Features include:
  • Accurate and consistent dry weights of field cores in 15 minutes
  • Full automation and portability for ease of use
  • Density determinations within minutes
  • Reliable operation in a high performance vacuum pump
  • Efficient moisture trap
New Features include:
Large Color LCD Touchscreen

– A robust 6″ x 3.5″ screen makes it easy to select drying modes, vacuum operation, and see drying time and progress

Drying Progress Bar

– Indicates the drying progress of the sample and time to completion

Vacuum Pump Port

– Enables use of the internal vacuum pump with a built-in PumpSaver to perform tests such as Max Specific Gravity (Rice Test).  In addition, software prompts are included to guide the operator through the proper steps for each test.

External Pump Control

– A plug near the vacuum pump port that enables an AutoRice to control the pump, allowing the CoreDry and AutoRice to be used in conjunction as an automated Rice testing setup.

Quite Operation

– Specially designed valves and a vacuum pump allow the unit to operate quietly in your lab

Modern, Sleek Design

– A newly designed cabinet that combines style with functionality

Maintenance Prompts

– Never forget to perform routine maintenance with the built-in prompts and step-by-step guide right on the screen.

Fast, Accurate, Innovative.
A core sample can be taken from the field and its density can be measured in less than 15 minutes, saving time and providing the best quality control.  Moisture loss in the sample is based on vacuum and innovative electronic desiccation technology. 

The CoreDryPRO cycles a flow of air and vacuum within a highly efficient moisture removal process. Additionally, the system contains an integrated electronic moisture trap. The trap captures the removed moisture from the sample.  The CoreDryPRO™ provides the most accurate and repeatable density results.

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Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 18.75 × 25.25 × 16.5 in

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