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Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000)

3″ x 5″SpacerMA-0661
3″ x 7″SpacerMA-0666
6″ x 4″SpacerMA-0662


Part: N/A
MA-0662 Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000) - spacer-assembly-6-x-4-cm-3000 Spacer Assembly, 6" x 4", CM-3000
MA-0661 Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000) - spacer-assembly-3-x-5-cm-3000 Spacer Assembly, 3" x 5" CM-3000
MA-0666 Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000) - spacer-assembly-3-x-7-cm-3000 Spacer Assembly, 3" x 7", CM-3000
MA-0617 Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000) - holding-stem Holding Stem

Compression Machine Spacers (CM-3000)

The compression machine spacers adjust the vertical working clearance height inside a machine’s load frame.  They prevent over-extension of the load frames’ piston.  The steel spacers maintain parallel alignment between them and the test platens because of their machined plane ends.

Spacers are available in four model types. Three of the four mount against the machine’s upper crosshead by either the holding stem, socket head bolt, or draw rod methods.  While the other model type sits on the machines lower crosshead with a bearing platen.


  • Steel construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • 4 Model Types
  • Prevent over-extension of load frame piston

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