3500 Xplorer™ Nuclear Gauge

ASTM D2950, D6938, D7013, D7759; AASHTO T310

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Part: 1005029

3500 Xplorer Nuclear Gauge

The 3500 Xplorer nuclear gauge designed to provide superior performance. With design experience and expertise it results unmatched in the industry.  The unit features the most up to date electronics, extremely reliable surface mount components. Also, a straight forward simple operation. Operation is straightforward and uncomplicated. Features a backlit LCD screen and special scroll functions. Easily read by the operator, the Xplorer’s two-line display during day or night.  The simple keypad layout and program design provide quick moves from other moisture density gauges to the 3500 Xplorer.  Its featured Battery Saver and InteliCharge extend battery life, for longer use on site. Additionally, the non-contact auto-depth indicator includes all new 3500 Xplorer gauges.

Xplorer 3500 Operating Manual

Xplorer 3500 Quick Start 

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