Asphalt Depth Gauge

Asphalt Depth Gauge


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Asphalt Depth Gauge

The asphalt depth gauge makes accurate thickness determinations quickly and easily. Depth measurements go up to 11.75” in 0.25” increments. Create increments from the back of the paver or from curbside avoiding stepping directly on hot asphalt. The depth rod does not pull on the asphalt when retracted. A small hole is easily closed by rollers. The storage bracket features a mounting option, directly on the paver or pickup truck bed. The mounting station holds the gauge securely in place with a spring clamp and PVC cup.

  • Gauge constructed of aluminum, 38″L x 1.25″D
  • Anodized Barrel:  25″L
  • 3″ diameter foot insures steady, accurate measurements
  • Depth Probe:  0.25″ Steel
  • Hole for lubricating oil is in barrel


Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 41 in

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asphalt depth gauge Asphalt Depth Gauge
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