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2-Inch Universal Sample Splitter

ASTM C136, C702, C778, D75; AASHTO T248, T27

Part: SP-1

2-Inch Universal Sample Splitter

The 2-inch universal sample splitter is a rugged, large-capacity floor model. The unit divides samples of aggregate, and other granular materials.  The SP-1 is the original model of the Universal Splitter Series. It is suitable for either laboratory or field use materials with particle sizes from 2″ down to fine sand.  The lever-release allows controlled, accurate splits from the 1 cubic foot hopper.

In addition, the splitter has a variety of accessories available that make it an even more useful and versatile device for any lab materials.  The chute attachment replaces one pan to permit direct loading of material into a bag or container.  The optional PSA-114 Porta Wheels bolt easily to the splitter for mobility.  The SPA-103 60 Degree Adapter Kit increases the chute slope of the splitter to handle difficult materials.  The PSA-114 Fixed Chute Accessory converts an SP-1 into an SP-1C fixed-chute splitter with ten 2 1/4″ wide chutes. The SPA-7 Enclosure Adapter Set converts the SP-1 to an SP-10 Totally Enclose Splitter for improved dust control.

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Weight136 lbs
Dimensions19 × 29 × 39 in