Universal Vertical Capper


Part: N/A
H-2925A Universal Vertical Capper - vertical-capper-2x4 Capper 2" Dia. x 4"
H-2925B Universal Vertical Capper - vertical-capper-3x6 Capper 3" Dia. x 6"
H-2925C Universal Vertical Capper - vertical-capper-4x8 Capper 4" Dia. x 8"
H-2925A.1 Universal Vertical Capper - capper-plate-2 2" Capper Plate
H-2925B.1 Universal Vertical Capper - capper-plate-3 3" Capper Plate
H-2925C.1 Universal Vertical Capper - capper-plate-4 4" Capper Plate

Universal Vertical Capper

The universal vertical capper works for 4”, 3” and 2” capping, with a simple change of the plate. It assures smooth, and right-angle end surfaces when capping concrete test cylinders.  The cylinder sets into the mold against the upright guide after filling the recess with molten capping compound. Its bottom plate is 1” thick steel and is ground to 0.002” planeness with a separate ring to form the recess.  The ring and vertical guide are also removable to permit regrinding to proper planeness after extended use.

Part#                Description                                            

H-2925A           Capper-2″ Dia. x 4″

H-2925B           Capper-3″ Dia. x 6″

H-2925C           Capper-4″ Dia. x 8″

H-2925A.1        2″ Capper Plate

H-2925B.1        3″ Capper Plate

H-2925C.1        4″ Capper Plate


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