Laboratory Permeameter

Laboratory Permeameter


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Laboratory Permeameter

The asphalt laboratory permeameter is compact, self contained, and easy to use.  It tests the permeability of a compacted asphalt paving mixture by using the falling head method to determine hydraulic conductivity of saturated 4″ or 6″ samples.  Placed inside the metal cylinder specimen don’t move by a latex holding them in place.  The unit is then pressurized by the built-in pump.  The expanding membrane pushes against the outer edge of the sample. Filling in voids and preventing flow down the side of the core.  Saturating the sample from the bottom. 500cc of water flows through the sample while being timed.  The unit includes a 500cc manometer with 15 feet of 1/4″ OD water line, built in hand lamp, and a pressure gauge.

9110.2            4″ Membranes 
9111.2            6″ Membranes
9110.1            4″ O-Rings
9111.1            6” O-Rings 

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laboratory permeameter Laboratory Permeameter
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