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Super Air Meter


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SAM1 Super Air Meter - super-air-meter-kit Super Air Meter Kit
SAM2 Super Air Meter - super-air-meter-only Super Air Meter
CAPE Super Air Meter - cape-tank-accessory-for-super-air-meter CAPE Tank Accessory for Super Air Meter

Super Air Meter

In addition to measuring air volume, the Super Air Meter measures the air void spacing of fresh concrete.  The super air meter uses two sequential pressurizations to test the concrete air content.  The air meter investigates the deformation of the concrete at 14.5, 30, and 45 psi.  It then releases the pressure to perform the same deformation steps for a second time.  The differences between the first and second pressure steps are used to calculate the SAM number, which is correlated with the average spacing between air voids in the concrete mixture. As a result, the SAM number can be used to determine freeze-thaw according to ACI 201 Concrete Durability Committee. The SAM kit includes the meter, pro cali-can, rubber mallet, strike off plate, tamping rod, bulb syringe, safety glasses, and carrying case.


  • Digital Gauge
  • Measures the volume and spacing of air voids in fresh concrete
  • Measurements compare to hardened air void analysis (ASTM C457) and freeze-thaw testing (ASTM C666)
  • Determines accurate air content of concrete before placement

Complete Kit Includes:

  • meter
  • pro cali-can
  • rubber mallet
  • strike off plate
  • tamping rod
  • bulb syringe
  • safety glasses
  • carrying case

The CAPE tank accessory simplifies pressurization of the Super Air Meter during testing. It also eliminates the need to manually pump to the required pressures. The tank has three inflation chucks, including regulators that easily fit to the pressurization valve of the meter.


How to Use the Super Air Meter


More videos here

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