Sieve Brush Set

Part: M-TSA-175

Sieve Brush Set

The sieve brush set includes all 3 different sieve brushes:  coarse, fine, and wire loop.

The coarse sieve brush is perfect for No. 30 and coarser wire cloth in round sieves. It has an 8-1/2” curved plastic handle with 1-1/2” x 1-3/4” slanted brass wire bristles.

The fine sieve brush cleans No.16 and finer sieves. The 1.25″ diameter,  5.75″ long brush has soft bristles, a nickeled steel ferrule, and a lacquered wood handle.

The wire loop brush is a 1-1/4” wide fan type brush. Features 1-5/8” long metal bristles and a wire loop handle. 4-3/4” long brush designed for coarse wire cloth.

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