Maturity Meter Kit 2.0

Part: 301006-PK2

Maturity Meter Kit 2.0

The COMMAND Center concrete maturity meter kit uses self-powered Sensors to collect, store and upload time and temperature data to a Windows device or handheld computer. Embedded in concrete, the sensors leave only exposed wire connectors for later data collection. Each sensor logs data at the chosen interval from 1 to 255 minutes; 30 minutes or less for maturity applications, and 60 minutes a common choice for temperature monitoring. You will never need to “turn on” or “initiate” these sensors because we ship them to you preconfigured and ready for concrete.

The kit includes a Trimble Nomad Rugged Handheld PC with Pocket COMMAND Center 2.0 Software pre-installed for data analysis and reporting. This device is super rugged (IP68 rated), and has 15-hr continuous use battery life. The kit also includes 50 four foot sensors, Desktop COMMAND Center 2.0 software download, and required accessories. Sensors take measurements at the intervals you specify, from 1 to 255 minutes.

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