Masonry Strain Gauge Set

Masonry Strain Gauge Set



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Masonry Strain Gauge Set

The masonry strain gauge set mechanically measures strain in masonry-type materials or in structural components under load. As well as relative displacements in structures, opening or closing of cracks, shrinkage of concrete block and similar applications. The anodized aluminum alloy instrument frame adjusts for measuring at 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10” spacing of the punch bar. Brass inserts mount in the test specimen at selected spacing. It holds stainless steel contact seats threaded in place in the inserts. Hardened steel contact points mount in strain gauge frame for positioning in contact seats for measuring strain on dial indicator. The set includes the strain gauge indicator, eight brass inserts, two contact seats, two mounted contact points and a wooden storage case.

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Masonry Strain Gauge Set Masonry Strain Gauge Set
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