Freeze Thaw Cabinet

Freeze Thaw Cabinet



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Freeze Thaw Cabinet

The Rapid Freeze Thaw Cabinet measures the resistance of concrete to deterioration caused by repeated cycles of freezing and thawing water.  The system tests up to eighteen 3″ x 4″ x 16″ concrete specimens simultaneously, with one being a control.  The cabinet includes 17 standard sample trays and 1 standard sample tray that has a built-in spout on each end of the tray.

The 7” color touchscreen controller provides full graphical monitoring of all testing functions in a stand-alone application.  The screen also displays tabulation, basic x-y graphs and temperature readings.  The test data is stored in the device and can be downloaded to a USB drive.


  • Fully automatic operation frees operator to perform other lab duties
  • Allows users to establish field control using correlations between concrete strength and durability
  • Permits the evaluation of variables in concrete properties conditioning
  • Useful in the evaluation of the durability of aggregates, as well as the properties of ad mixtures
  • 7″ Color Touchscreen Display

Data Sheet

Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 32 × 36 in

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Freeze Thaw Cabinet Freeze Thaw Cabinet
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