Shel-Lab Forced Air Oven

Shel-Lab Forced Air Oven


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Shel-Lab Forced Air Oven

The Shel-Lab Forced Air Oven has an independent overtemperature safety features that is user adjustable and provides added safety. The forced, blower-assisted airflow design offers excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery. In addition, a turbo blower and heavy-duty motor combine in the device. They direct air over the shelves and samples for even, constant drying, curing and baking.  The ovens also feature painted cold roll steel exteriors and stainless steel interiors.

SMO14-2 Specifications

  • Volume:  13.7 ft³
  • Unit Weight:  280 lbs
  • Exterior Dimensions:  37.5″W x 34″D x 48″H
  • Interior Dimensions”  30.8″W x 24.8″D x 31″H
  • Shelf Dimensions:  30.1″W x 24″D
  • Display Resolution:  1°C
  • Power Voltage, Frequency, Current:  230 VAC, 50/60Hz, 12.0 Amps

SMO28-2 Specifications

  • Volume:  27.6 ft³
  • Unit Weight:  390 lbs
  • Exterior Dimensions:  37.5″W × 35″D × 78.3″H 
  • Interior Dimensions:  30.8″W × 25″D × 61″H
  • Shelf Dimensions:  30.1″W × 24″D
  • Display Resolution: 1°C
  • Power Voltage, Frequency, Current:  230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20.0 Amps
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