Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT)

Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT)


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Asphalt Compatibility Tester

The Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT) evaluates adhesion properties of asphalt binder and aggregates in the mixture. It was designed as a fast and straightforward method that takes only minutes to set up. The test uses an LED light and detection system to measure color change that may occur. Simply load the mixture, place the detection system on the sample, and get your results in seconds. When the operation is complete, the color index values display on the screen and can be reviewed and stored.

The ACT uses light reflection from the surface of the asphalt mixture. This method measures and quantifies the color change of the asphalt mixture. The unit quantifies the loss of asphalt binder without the need for visual inspection. The ACT calibrates to predict the passing TSR value, while users evaluate the effects of graduation changes at the plan. The user can also evaluate changes in the asphalt formulation and other variations in the mix design that could affect TSR values.

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