Water Level Indicators

Water Level Indicators


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Water Level Indicators

The water level Indicators measure water levels in standpipes and wells. Indicators consist of a probe, cable and cable reel. A weighted probe is lowered into the opening via a high-strength, flexible cable, while a buzzer and light indicate when the water level has been reached. The operator reads the depth-to-water measurement from graduations on the cable.


  • Sensitivity control providing consistent results in different water conditions
  • LED and Beeper
  • Test button to check the batteries, beeper and LED
  • Battery cover to provide easy access to two AA batteries
  • Small diameter probe (9.5mm – 3/8″) easily fits into most standpipes and wells
  • Sturdy reel with bronze bearings and aluminum plate sides

          Part#                       Description                      

  • 51690010         WLI with 100 ft. cable, 7″ reel (3.5 l
  • 51690015         WLI with 150 ft. cable, 9″ reel (5.5 lb)
  • 51690030         WLI with 300 ft. cable, 9″ reel (7.5 lb)
  • 51690050         WLI with 500 ft. cable, 11″ reel (11 lb)
  • 51690100         WLI with 1000 ft. cable, 11” reel (17 lb)
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Water Level Indicators
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