Plastic Pocket Shear Vane

Plastic Pocket Shear Vane


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Plastic Pocket Shear Vane

The plastic pocket is a hand-held shear vane device for rapid determination of shear strength in cohesive soils either in the lab or field. Shear strength measured in the sides of test pits, trenches or excavations.  The device may also be used on the ends of thin wall or split spoon samples and soil chunks removed from the test pits, etc.


  • Stress range from 0 to 1.0 TSP
  • Accuracy is to the nearest 0.01 TSF
  • 3 vane sizes to permit testing in a variety of clay consistencies
  • Calibrated dial converts torque directly into shear stress in kg/cm² – the max reading obtained on the dial is the shear strength
  • High strength thermoplastic case

Standard Vane (0 to 1 kg/cm²) – Used for fully saturated cohesive soils with undrained strength independent of normal pressure.  The stress range permits it to be used for clays varying in consistency from very soft to stiff
Small Vane (2.5 kg/cm²) – Use for sifter clays
Large Vane (0.2 kg/cm²) – Used with remolded samples

Replacement Parts                                                        
S-16001          Vane Adapter, 2.5 kg/cm² (small)
S-16002          Vane Adapter, 1.0 kg/cm² (standard)
S-16003          Vane Adapter, 0.2 kg/cm² (large)


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