ASTM D4318; AASHTO T89, T90

Part: H-4904
H-4904 Spatulas - spatula-4l-x-0-75w Spatula 4"L x 0.75"W
H-4906 Spatulas - spatula-6l-x-0-875w Spatula 6"L x 0.875"W
H-4907 Spatulas - spatula-6l-x-0-5w Spatula 6"L x 0.5"W
H-4908 Spatulas - spatula-8l-x-1-25w Spatula 8"L x 1.25"W
H-4910 Spatulas - spatula-10l-x-1-25w Spatula 10"L x 1.25"W


The spatulas help test for mixing, lifting and handling powders, granular materials, and other solid and wet materials. Each spatula has a flexible stainless steel blade with straight edges and rounded ends.

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