Slump Cone Bases

Slump Cone Bases




  • Quik-clamp design to easily secure any style slump cone
  • Cast in carrying handle
  • 12-inch distance reference from base to top of vertical handle
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Quik-Clamp Slump Cone Base

The aluminum quik-clamp slump cone base features quick-clamps that easily adjust to fit any style of slump cone.    Its swing up arm rotates to use as a measuring reference for a 12-inch distance from base to handle.  When the slump cone lifts away from the concrete sample, the handle rotates vertically over the sample to facilitate measurement of the slump.

The base can be purchased on its own, or as part of the Slump Cone Set, or the Deluxe Slump Cone Set. Both sets include all tools and equipment necessary to conduct a slump test on a sample of freshly mixed concrete.

Poly Slump Cone Base

The 18″ x 18″ poly slump cone base is made of high-density polyethylene.  The base has adjustable clamps, which secure the slump cone as well as spring-loaded rod clamps to allow easy transport.  It is also easily cleaned and will not corrode.

Economy Slump Base

The 1/4″ aluminum plated economy slump base consolidates an entire testing set into one, easy to carry unit.

The base can be ordered on its own, or as a set. The set includes all the equipment necessary to conduct a slump test of freshly mixed concrete.

Economy Slump Cone Set

The set includes a fabricated aluminum slump cone base, steel or plastic seamless slump cone, and graduated tamping rod. Also included is a 38oz. scoop.

Base Size Options:

  • 18″ x 18″
  • 24″ x 24″
Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 3 in

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